Kearavon Oenen

Baron (Tourkan) , Blooded of the Bear


Virtues: Strength 3 Cunning 4 Courage 3 Beauty 2 Wisdom 3 Prowess Weakness

Style: 4

Aspects: Vendetta (My Grandfather to me) Bound by Honour

Contact: Edward Rivers of the Wolf house (Knaight) – First cousin, my mother’s side. Grew up in each other’s company. Hinarusha (Ina) – Old Friend.

Devotions: Jyskan 2 – An ancestor of mine, on my mother’s side. He was a proud warrior and a good leader. (No Fool, Hearthward).

Manna Renay 1- Of course I revere the mother of the bear. All Oenen do. (Circle of Protection).

Domain: Castle 1 – Castle Jyskan. Inherited it from my mother’s side. A modest but good place, with good history.

Village 2 (Freebie) – Kiriv. Once a small hollow, now a growing community. Lives on the wine trade.

Plains 2 (Wine) – The Jyskan Wineyards. Apparently Jyskan had a taste for good drink. Had been closed for almost a hundred years. Now reopened. Makes a good savory red that goes well with meat.

Shoreline 1 (Trade) – Bay of Knives. Named for the rocky outcrops that litter its coast. Makes a good natural harbour for those that can navigate around the rocks.

Farm 1 – The Kiriv farmlands. The village has been expanding, and a few farms have started to appear in the lands around it.

Hill 1 (Metal) – Kiriv hills. They named the village after these. Steep, rocky and barren. Water gathers in the valleys, forming small bogs rich with iron.

Swamp 1 – Hrog Boglands. A rotten and flooded place by the coast. Newly retaken from the orks.

Mountain 1 – Mount Kiriv. The villagers in Kiriv often spoke of the mountain as if it was haunted and forbidden. I put stop to such nonsense by reopening the old mines of Jyskan’s.

Plains 1 – Askor Grasslands. The open plains of Askor lie to the south-west. They intrude into the Jyskan heartlands a bit, and after clearing out the orks I have begun allowing the Kirivians to use the lands for growing wines and spices.

Forest 1 – Darkenwoods. I had long thought he villagers were scared of this place, but to my surprise it turned out the only reason they avoided it was because I had never said they could go there. Well, they certainly can now.

Vassals: Court Scholar 2 – Brummen Islov. A man with a past. Came to my castle seeking refuge, won’t tell me why. Knowledgable sort. I put him on my retinue. Watch him closely.¨

Caravan 1 – The Arrows of Kiriv. A small trading company based in my village.

Herald 1 – Astof Groskev, an old servant of mine. A trustworthy fellow.

Staff 1 – The Castle Jyskan staff, good people, Madame Hrotchesk (lovely she is, even with her harsch demeanor) leads them.

Personal guard 1 – Courtesy of my father. An Oenen needs some protection. Mercenaries from his own lands, they call themselves the Dedicated of Murnonan. I don’t trust them, but I do trust their love of gold.

Spouse – My wife. An arranged political thing. She is a fine woman though, but we both know there is little love between us. I respect her Courage.

Spy network 1 – I set this up at great expense this spring after the whole affair with my grandfather. I need a measure intelligence and security after all. The spymaster is a… lady of the night. Goes by the name of Sýska.

Freebies: Relic 1 – Lord Jyskan’s Sword, the Frostenfelt Tongue. A worthy weapon. Increase village to rank 2 New vassal: Personal guard 1 Friend Contact


Son of Marquis Barys Oenen and Baroness Kyla Rynisk of the Bear house.

“The good Marquis is a cold man. I respect his strength, but he lacks compassion and honour. He was never a very good father. I don’t think he likes me very much, but blood ties us. My mother is a fine woman. If she wasn’t bound to father she could do so much. She tought me about honour and the importance of family.”

“Married to Leeva Chenris of the Falcon house. She is a good woman, though our marriage is an arranged and political affair. I respect her Courage and I know she has an important family, though I do not love her and she does not love me.”

“Two children, boys, named Huris and Vlyk. Huris is the quiet kind, and keeps to himself. He is deep in thought, perhaps too much so. Vlyk is wilder and more mischievous. He is constantly getting into trouble, but he does keep his honour.”

Kearavon Oenen

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