Edward Rivers

Baron (Ainai), Blooded of Wolf


Virtues: Serpent(Wis) 4, Elk(Cunning) 3, Falcon 3, Fox 2, Wolf(Prowess) 2 Phase: Spring Aspects: Blackmail Material, Always Another Dose Friends: Baron Kearavon Oenen of the Bear house. My cousin and childhood friend, known also from numerous funerals from his family.

Regions: Castle 3: Croom Manner, an old structure that was once near palace like, but has since fallen into a state of decay, and been repaired somewhat more shoddily. However, it still retains some of its former glory.

Village 2: Estenas, a decent village that has grown significantly since being passed to Edward, and is starting to atract the civilized sort.

Swamp 2: The Rotten Cove, a place where one would hardly expect others to live. But what can one say about the natives. They certainly know how to build a dike.

Shoreline 1: Kherran beach can be landed on, and given the local weather, that is a plus. Still, it is hardly the best place for trade.

Mountain 1.5: River’s Mines, half of which is owned by Edward, is a fair sized mountain range. Sadly, Peter mismanages the rest of it.

Plains 1:

Forest 1:

Farm 1:

Farm 1:

Hills 1:

Vassals: Spy 3: Agai Stone, a low born bastard off some cheap whore. He was kicked out of the family entirely, but Edward was kind enough to let him in as a major vassal. He is a clever one, and loyal at that. Spy 1: Kaya Nim, a refugee that Agai recruited. Apothecary 1: Inini, a medicine woman who manages the Rotten Cove. She is also rumored to know a few poisons. Caravan 1: Burrik Snow, a trivial noble who manages Kherran and River’s Mines, dealing with some of the trade.

Extra Stuff: Ritual 1 Artifact 2


Name: Edward Rivers (Ainai) of House Wolf Titles: Baron Parents: Baron Peter Rivers of House Wolf, Baroness Allanna Lyon of House Bear Family: Lady Lucy Rivers (Deceased), Lord Genis Rivers, Lord Alexander Rivers, Lady Alexis Rivers, me. No Spouse, No Children

Edward Rivers

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